When you love your job, you often want to let everyone know. You tell your family and friends how interesting your function is and how nice your coworkers are. And of course, you would love for everyone around you to love their job as much as you do.

As an employee at Randstad Digital, you get the opportunity to help other people find their dream job. We encourage our colleagues to introduce us to new people. Next to the advantage of being able to choose their own colleagues, they also receive a bonus for doing this: the High Five Award. Because we believe that good people know good people.

Business support consultant Elise didn’t just recommend 1 potential colleague, but 2. She convinced supplier coordinator Jessica and onboarding officer Sabrina to join our team! How did she do it? We asked them!

inside information on the company.

Elise: “I had already worked with Sabrina and Jessica before. I knew they were looking for a new job, and I also knew what exactly they were looking for. So I could easily see that Randstad Digital would be a great match for them. I didn’t hesitate long when some jobs for their profiles freed up.”

“I already knew Randstad Digital a little bit”, Jessica tells us. “But taking the plunge and starting at another job is always a bit scary. You don’t know where you’ll end up, and if you’ll like your new coworkers. That’s why it was so great that Elise could already give me some inside info on the company. She told me that my manager would be a really great guy, that there’s a great atmosphere at the office and that the company regularly organizes parties and events for its employees…”

Sabrina: “Elise knew what I was looking for in a job, and more importantly, what I wasn’t looking for. So I completely trusted her judgment. And I haven’t regretted it for a second: I still regularly tell my managers how happy I am to be working here! I truly feel that I’ve found the perfect job for me.”

the right profiles in the right place.

“I’m happy that I could help Sabrina and Jessica find a job at Randstad Digital”, says Elise. “I already knew their strengths and I was sure they would be an added value within their teams.”

“So it’s great to see that they fit in so well and that they love their new jobs.”

“Randstad Digital also gives out a bonus to those who recommend new colleagues. It’s called the High Five Award. It’s a nice little extra, but that’s not why I recommended them. Adding 2 great women to my team: that’s the real bonus!”

team spirit all the way.

Jessica: “The working atmosphere is great, and that’s something that I truly value in a company. I always feel supported by my team, and I also know that I can always go to my manager if something is going on.”

“That’s right”, Sabrina agrees. “Everyone at Randstad Digital is open and communicative. No one is left to fend for themselves. What’s more, I know that my managers honestly want to know how I’m doing. If they ask me about my weekend, I know they will listen to my answer. They don’t just ask it to fill the silence or to be polite.”

“Even in times where it isn’t easy to be a close-knit team, I think we make things work really well”, Elise continues. “I started working here in the midst of the covid crisis, so I couldn’t meet my colleagues face to face for a long time. But everyone still took the time to get to know me and make me feel welcome. This was also thanks to my manager, who keeps on focusing on the connection in his team. He actively makes the time for this, even on the most busy days.”

“What also helps, is the great events Randstad Digital organizes”, Jessica laughs. “From parties and an Randstad Digital weekend to ice cream on Friday afternoons, or drinks to ring in the weekend: it doesn’t have to be a big event to help us connect with each other!"

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Randstad Digital also gives out a bonus to those who recommend new colleagues. It’s called the High Five Award. It’s a nice little extra, but that’s not why I recommended them. Adding 2 great women to my team: that’s the real bonus!

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continuous feedback and tangible growth.

Elise: “Something that I think supports this feeling of team spirit, is the fact that we regularly get honest feedback. Even if things aren’t going so great, your colleagues keep supporting you and give you tips to help you get through that period. This gives me a lot of self confidence.”

“On the other hand, if you’re doing well, they’ll also tell you”, says Sabrina. “The effect of a pat on the back or a compliment is often underestimated. My function was brand new when I started here, so I had to find my way a bit - yet my managers don’t hesitate to tell me how well I’m doing!”

Jessica: “This way of working also allows for room to grow and learn. My role now is quite a bit more complex than it was in my last job, but I love it. I have contacts all over the world, and every time I get a starter it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.”

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