Project consultant Koen has been working at Randstad Digital for over 14 years. In all those years, he has seen many things change, and he has also changed projects and roles, but one thing has always remained the same: his enthusiasm for his work in this company. 

Koen has already worked for several big names in various roles. For him, that is the biggest advantage of working as a consultant: being able to switch projects every now and then, but always staying with the same employer.

How does he experience his career at Randstad Digital? We asked him!

a personal approach from day 1.

"I clearly remember when I came to apply for a job in this company", begins Koen. "That was in 2008, in the midst of a full-blown banking crisis. So looking for a new job while I had a stable job at that time was therefore quite risky... But I was looking for something different. A job offer caught my eye, and coincidentally, one of my colleagues at my former job as a consultant was working for Randstad Digital... He had only positive things to say about the company."

"Even as I arrived at the car park, I felt the typical, familial Randstad Digital atmosphere. There were some people outside, and they immediately approached me and kindly asked if they could help me."

"During my job interview, the then CEO happened to walk in - gulp - ;-). He addressed me by my first name and asked me how things were going. It's that personal approach that convinced me to take the plunge and come work for Randstad Digital!"

"And I still feel that approach here. Everyone knows everyone, going to Tech Talks, Family Days, or After Work Drinks always feels a bit like coming home to me."

a lifetime of the same thing? that's not for me!

Koen: "Since that first job application, I've had a wide-ranging series of experiences. My first assignment offered me an opportunity to travel to the Netherlands. I jumped at the chance. Our team stayed in a bungalow from Monday to Friday, and we drove home together on the weekends. Super fun!"

"Several other assignments followed after my first assignment. Each time I ended up in a different team, taking on a new role. You can say I've gathered a lot of technical knowledge over the years!"

"Change can sometimes be quite frightening", Koen continues, "and the learning curves were often steep. The first few months of a new assignment are usually dedicated to learning new things and mastering the technical aspects. But that's just what makes it interesting. Change energizes me. That's why I became a consultant: to get a taste of everything."

"Moreover, in every new assignment you also learn something about yourself. That is hugely valuable. You build up a vast store of new experiences. I am not someone who could do the same job for 30 years – and fortunately that is not required at Randstad Digital."

project coordinator at proximus.

"I am currently working as a Project Coordinator at Proximus", says Koen. "We help install fiber optics in collaboration with other partners. Based on preliminary studies, we determine with the contractors whether it is possible to lay fiber optics in specific places."

"Here too, the familiarization period was not an easy task, as fiber optics is something I had no experience in before. Fortunately, I can also always count on my talent managers and the learning & development team at Randstad Digital to find the right training courses."

"I work in a team of three people. I am responsible for the technical aspect of our work. Nevertheless, my role also involves a great deal of project management: in fact, I am proactively working on properly informing my other colleagues at Proximus about what this new project entails. That's another additional challenge I'm happy to take on!"

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During my job interview, the then CEO happened to walk in. He addressed me by my first name and asked me how things were going. It's that personal approach that convinced me to take the plunge and come work for Randstad Digital!

koen van gramberen
project consultant

randstad digital award: consultant of the year.

Koen: "Recently, my hard work was also rewarded. I was awarded the Randstad Digital Award (and the nice prize that accompanies it) of 'consultant of the year'."

"That was a rewarding recognition of my work, and I was hugely surprised by it. Just goes to show that I made the right decision all those years ago!"

"One of Randstad Digital's core values is team spirit, which is something with which I can identify." Koen continues. "By regularly taking part in the various events Randstad Digital organizes, you really get to know your colleagues – and that improves cooperation."

"What do I want to do after the assignment at Proximus? Well, I don't know yet. After 15 years, I might need more stability in my career. I'm sure Randstad Digital will stand by me in that too."

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